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Two GAZ-202 automobile engines were used mounted in "parallel", each engine driving one track. The armoured roof over the gun compartment was removed to improve access to and servicing of the weapon.

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After 320 SU-76s had been made, mass production was halted in order to resolve the problems. During the halt of production, a replacement vehicle was produced which mounted the 76.2mm gun on captured German tank chassis. After production resumed, GAZ and two factories in Kirov and Mytishchi produced 13,932 SU-76Ms; the larger part of the order, over 9,000 vehicles, were built solely by GAZ.

Mass production of the SU-76M ceased in the second half of 1945.

Mass production of the ZSU-37 was continued after SU-76M production ceased.

The SU-76M was withdrawn from Soviet Army service after the Second World War ended.

The vehicle was not completely enclosed by armour, the rear roof and upper rear side exposed.