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They said the older age was the age the rocks underwent metamorphism, while the younger age was when the rocks were later heated. No matter what the numbers are, a plausible story can always be invented Using the lead-lead method, a whole-rock sample gave an age of 508 million years.

With the potassium-argon method, samples of mica gave an age of 450 million years.

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The East-African Rift, for instance, is the result of such a convection cell breaking up the African plate.

Convection cells were responsible for the breaking up of supercontinents many times in Earth's history.

Zircons using the uranium-lead method gave an age of 572 million years.

Three different samples; three different methods; three different results. They said the different ages are because the huge pluton cooled slowly over millions of years and the different minerals were affected in different ways.

Hot, less dense rock material goes toward the crust whereas relatively denser, less hot material goes toward the core.