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Honey G, whose real name is Anna Georgette Gilford, was a Home Counties schoolgirl (pictured left) who attended the exclusive Dr Challoner’s in Buckinghamshire.

She graduated from Salford University with an upper second degree in popular music in 2004 (pictured right)Growing up, she was also a talented netball player.

It’s offensive when people call me a joke act as I have been a musician my whole life.

Last year it was revealed SURVICE Engineering Co., a Belcamp, Md.-based defense firm, and U. 'The proximity to the Army Research Laboratory and U. defense decision makers, access to the world-class facilities through the laboratory's Open Campus initiative, and the co-location with our strategic business partner, SURVICE Engineering, were all factors in favor of Maryland as the best choice for Malloy Aeronautics.' 'After testing the 1/3rd Hoverbike, we realized that it had lots of features that made it a fantastic drone, not only this - selling this scale Hoverbike to the public would allow us to raise funds to continue the development of the manned version.'The objective of this campaign is to kick-start sales of our beautiful 1/3rd scale Hoverbike drone and accessories via your pledges, and to help create a long term income stream that we can use to continue development of the manned Hoverbike,' it says.

From the start of January, the facility at Lem will change from a four-shift, 24/7 production schedule to a three-shift, 24/5 schedule.