Chat spanking

He was wearing shorts, through which I could see the outline of underwear, and a football top. I smiled inwardly, I would make certain to use them later. I put my hand between his legs and gently squeezed his bollocks. ' I deserve to be spanked,' he said louder this time. I gripped onto the waistband and, in one movement, pulled them down to his knees. After a few more minutes sweat was starting to drip down my armpits and forehead. I knew I was hurting him but this is what he'd asked for and I was certainly going to give it to him.

' I'm sorry dad, I didn't mean to,' he said wincing as I twisted his ear even further. ' I don't care what you want, I'm going to punish you anyway. I noticed he was starting to leak pre-cum through his shorts as I watched a big wet patch appear. ' This is for being a naughty little boy,' I said, not pausing as I spanked his sweet arse. I could see the redness of his warmed up backside through the white briefs he was wearing. Suddenly I stopped and rested my hand on his hot cheeks. He started to struggle a bit but I just held him down harder as the trainer kept bouncing of his red hot arse.

' I told you exactly one hour, not a minute later didn't I? I stared him up and down as we slowly made our way to the chair that I'd put in the centre of the living room. As I carried on I could hear him moaning in pleasure each time my hand came crashing down. So I carried on beating him with my hand harder and faster. I spanked him for another five minutes then stopped for a breather.

Chat spanking-30

I was bored and feeling horny at home and decided to go on my usual gay chat page.

I went through all my favourite pages seeing the same old faces when I noticed somebody different and they lived in the same area as me. ' I need a good long horny spanking by father/uncle figure,' it read.

' Stay there for a moment; I haven't finished with you yet,' I said as I stood up and started to take my own clothes off. I grabbed a condom from my trouser pockets, stood up and went and stood behind him as he bent right over showing off his clean, pink hole. I put one hand on the small of his back holding him down and, with my other hand, I took a firm grip of the trainer and pulled my arm back. I pulled my cock out of his abused hole, pulled the condom off and started tossing myself off, never taking my eyes off his stretched and open fuck hole.

He didn't take his eyes off me for a second as I revealed my big hairy stomach and chest and then finally his eyes widened at the site of my big cock standing to attention and glistening where my spunk was leaking out. My cock twitched and throbbed and my spunk jetted out all over his red cheeks and splattered over his arse hole. ' he moaned loudly as my hand rained down and he squirmed all over my lap.

I gripped him by his ear and pulled him into the living room, closing the door behind me.