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Breasts in Wales are also voluptuous, with the average lady measuring in at 34GG.

While the smallest boobs (which are still pretty sizable) are found in the south, where the most common bra size is 30G.

I will use the Credit Card number reply next time someone asks me though. My parents taught me never to used foul language around women period dating or not dating. The sex talk is jerky talk my immature men who can't figure out that you have a brain, heart, feeling and others things God gave you with.

(love the reply)One i have used before to reply (much bigger than your package I am sure)Asking when mine are out there with all my photos is obvious. The Internet is a great way to connect people but you still have to act proper whether on line or in person.

and hey if they tha dumb to ask that well then they jsut that dumb but this is a website to hook up with people and some guys that might be a deciding factor for them i personally wouldn't hook up with a flat chested women but there many way more inportant things i wanna know first and you could alays figure that out when you met them*****OP, Never, it is not socially acceptable to ask that question.